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At [Sturgis Tech], we believe in the power of diverse perspectives and knowledge-sharing. We are always on the lookout for talented writers, industry experts, and passionate individuals who want to contribute to our blog and be part of our thriving community.

If you have a knack for writing captivating and informative content, we invite you to write for us and share your unique insights with our readers. Whether you specialize in a specific niche or have a broad range of interests, we welcome your valuable contributions.

What We’re Looking For:

High-Quality Content:

We strive to deliver exceptional content to our audience, so we seek well-researched, engaging, and original articles that provide value and insights. We encourage you to explore new ideas, share personal experiences, and provide practical tips or expert knowledge.


Our blog covers a wide range of topics, including [list relevant topics or niches]. Please ensure that your proposed article aligns with our content categories and appeals to our target audience.

Writing Style:

We appreciate clear, concise, and engaging writing that captivates our readers. Use a friendly tone and aim for an easy-to-understand style that caters to both beginners and experts in the subject matter.


We value originality, so please submit articles that haven’t been published elsewhere. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited, and all submitted content will be checked for authenticity.

How to Submit:

Article Proposal:

Before writing a full article, please send us a brief proposal outlining your topic, main points, and a short author bio. This will help us ensure that the topic aligns with our blog’s goals and avoid duplications. We will review your proposal and provide feedback within [specified timeframe].

Content Guidelines:

If your proposal is approved, we will share our detailed content guidelines, including word count, formatting, and any specific requirements for images, links, or references.

Writing and Submission:

Once you’ve completed the article, please send it to us as a Word document or in Google Docs format. Make sure to include a catchy headline and subheadings for better readability. Attach any relevant images separately with proper attribution.

Editing Process:

Our editorial team will review your submission for clarity, grammar, and adherence to our guidelines. We may make minor edits or suggest revisions to enhance the article’s quality. We appreciate your cooperation and open communication throughout this process.

Author Bio and Promotion:

If your article is accepted and published, we will include a short author bio at the end of the post, along with a link to your website, blog, or social media profiles (if desired). We encourage you to promote your published article on your own platforms as well.

Please note that submitting an article does not guarantee publication. We reserve the right to accept or reject submissions based on our editorial criteria and the fit with our blog’s content strategy.

We’re excited to collaborate with passionate writers like you and provide a platform for your voice to be heard. Together, let’s create exceptional content and make a positive impact on our readers’ lives.

To propose an article or for any inquiries, please reach out to us at []. We’re looking forward to hearing from you and exploring the possibility of working together.

Thank you for considering [Sturgis Tech] for your content collaboration.