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Best Cruise Ships

Traveling On The World’s Best Cruise Ships: Top 5 List

Cruising has become an increasingly popular vacation option for many people over the years. The sheer number of cruise ships available can make it difficult to choose the best one for your needs. According to a report sample on sturgistech, there are a total of 430 cruise ships in the world. 

Cruise ships sure have a dramatic feel to them. Those who have not had the chance to travel on a cruise ship have wondered at some point about what goes into these extravagant ships. If you plan on travelling the world with a luxurious experience, we have prepared a list of the best cruise ships in 2023. 

Top 5 Best Cruise Ships in the World

Symphony Of The Seas 

Symphony of the Seas is one of the five Oasis class cruise ships. It was built in 2018 and is owned by Royal Caribbean International. At that time, It was the largest cruise ship in the world in terms of gross tonnage (228,081) and remained the largest until January 2022. Its country of registry is the Bahamas. 

Symphony of the Seas is 361.011 metres long and has a maximum capacity of 6680 passengers and 2200 crew members. From a total of 18 decks, 16 are for guest use. The cruise ship also has 2759 cabins, 22 restaurants and four pools. 

The opulent cruise ship has many facilities, including a water park, basketball court, zip line, theatre with 1400 seats, outdoor aquatic theatre, over 20000 tropical plants, and much more. 

The cruise ship also has high-speed internet and a mobile application to help you track your luggage and make reservations. The prices start from $409 per person for one night. 

Oasis Of The Seas 

Oasis of the Seas was launched in 2008 and is the first of the five Oasis class cruise ships. It is operated by Royal Caribbean International and costs around $1.4 billion (2006). The sumptuous cruise ship set a new capacity record of 6000 passengers when constructed and was the largest ship at the time. It is 360 m long and has a height of 72 m above the water line. The country of the registry is the Bahamas. 

When launched, Oasis of the Seas had a gross tonnage of 225,282 which was later expanded to 226,838 in 2019 when additional cabins were added to deck 14. Among a plethora of different facilities on the cruise ship, a few include a zip line, an aquatic amphitheatre, a miniature golf course, five swimming pools, nightclubs, etc. It has 16 passenger decks with 2742 rooms. The prices start from $330. 

Celebrity Apex

The Celebrity Apex is one of the three Edge-class cruise ships. It is owned by Celebrity Cruises and was launched in 2019. Her debut sailing was from Athens to Greek Islan due to the Covid 19 pandemic.

Celebrity Apex’s port of registry is Valleta, Malta. With a tonnage of 130,818 GT, the cruise ship is 306 m long. It has 14 passenger decks with a capacity of 3405 and a crew of 1320. The prices for Celebrity Apex start from $649. 

The lavish cruise ship has a “Magic Carpet”, which is an orange platform that moves vertically between the top and bottom decks. It has an outdoor garden called the Eden which is three decks aft the dining and performance venue. Other facilities include a theatre with a rockumentary and concerts and a casino. 

Odyssey Of The Seas

Odyssey of the Seas was launched in November 2020 and is the second Quantum-ultra cruise ship and the second newest ship for Royal Caribbean International. The port of registry is Nassau, Bahamas. The ship has a tonnage of 167,704 GT with a length of 347.08m. It has 16 decks accommodating a maximum of 5510 passengers and 1663 crew members. 

Odyssey of the Seas has 14 decks for passenger use, 2105 cabin, 15 restaurants and two pools. Other facilities consist of Wave Loch Flowrider surf simulator, swimming pools, rock climbing wall, Spa, basketball court, Fitness centre and casino etc. The prices start from $573. 

Seven Seas Explorer 

An Explorer class cruise ship, the Seven seas explorer is operated by Regent Seven Seas Cruises. It was launched in 2015 and completed in 2016. The cruise ship features 377 passenger cabins and 325 crew cabins. It has a total capacity of 1360 passengers and crew. It has a length of 223.6 metres and has 13 decks. The order for the ship cost around $450 million. 

The debut voyage of Seven seas explorer was from Monte Carlo to Venice in 2016. The features of the splendid cruise ship include all-inclusive dining establishments, a two-level theatre, multiple suite categories etc. The prices for the suite start from $5599. Its country of registry is the Marshall Islands. 

The Best Cruise Ships For Different Types Of Travelers

We have curated a list of the best cruise ships for different purposes. 

Best Cruise Ship For Families

Disney Magic is a captivating cruise ship owned by Disney Cruise Line. It can accommodate around 2700 passengers with a crew of almost 950. Its prices start from $552 per person. 

Best Cruise Ship For Couples

Celebrity Edge is operated by Celebrity Cruises and was launched in 2018. It has a capacity of 2918 with a crew of almost 1377 members. The pricing starts from $212 per person. 

Best Cruise Ship For Solo Travellers

Norwegian Cruise Lines is considered one of the best cruise ships for solo travellers. There are studios present for solo guests, and they are priced accordingly. The studios have comfortable beds, a sink, a shower, a flat-screen TV, a safe etc. The cruise costs around $107 per night. 

Best Cruise Ship For Adventure Seekers

Symphony of the Seas is one of the best cruise ships for adventure seekers. It features a number of fun activities, including a FlowRider surfing simulator, ice skating, rock-climbing wall, laser tag arena, zip line, escape room etc. Its prices start from $409 per person. 


There are a lot of cruise ships in the world. An article, suggests that to find the best cruise ship for you, you should search for the sort of activities you would be interested in along with your budget and timings. 

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