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Evaluating Essay Writing Services’ Impact On Academic Performance

We live in a fast-paced world, and like other professionals, students are often short of time and rely on online essay writing services, which is a relatively new term in the academic world. 

Online essay writing services allow students to buy pre-written essays or have custom essays written per their requirements. These services have become increasingly predominant among students at all levels of study. 

One can only evaluate the impacts of essay writing services on academic performance by first exploring their characteristics and studying techniques and understanding how beneficial such services are and how much they have offloaded students from their burden. 

Understanding Essay Writing Services

Before evaluating the impacts of essay writing services, it is crucial to understand what they are, where to find such online service providers, and how they function.

To begin with, essay writing services are online platforms that allow professional writers to write essays on a student’s behalf, either from scratch or by revising and proofreading already-written essays. These professionals have years of experience and expertise, which means they are well-versed in academic writing in almost every subject. 

How Essay Writing Services Work

One can find essay writing service providers online by typing a few words in the search bar. Generally, the method of utilising an essay writing service involves the following steps:

  • After choosing a reliable service provider, the student will provide all the details about the project. For example, the format, specific requirements or instructions, and the deadline. 
  • The essay writing service providers will then allocate a professional writer to the project, who will work on the essay and deliver the final product to the student by a fixed deadline.
  • The payment method varies, and students must consider that not all writing services are created equal, the quality of projects may vary, and their customer support and charges can be different too. 

Therefore, each student must thoroughly research and take suggestions from peers and friends before placing any order with online service providers. Ensure that the service you are placing an order with is reputable and reliable. 

Online service providers provide essay writing services and others, for instance, dissertation writing services, editing and proofreading, coursework writing services, report writing, and many others. They offer editing and proofreading services to ensure the project satisfies students’ needs and expectations.

The Extensive Use Of Essay Writing Services In Academia

In recent years, essay writing services have become prevalent in the academic world as more and more students have started depending on these services to help them meet their academic requirements. 

Getting precise statistics on the prevalence of essay writing services is challenging. Several studies have provided some understanding of the scope of essay writing services. 

A study published in 2019 found that 26% of the surveyed students confessed to using essay writing services at least once during their academic lives.  Another study discovered that over 20,000 students in the UK were buying essays from online services. 

Factors Contributing To The Prevalence Of Essay Writing Services

Multiple factors can be the factors of increased demand for essay writing services worldwide. Some of them are described as follows: 

  • The growing complexity of the academic requirements.
  • Cultural differences and language can be a barrier for international students. 
  • Easy access to such online writing services.
  • Having other personal preferences.
  • Not having enough time on hand.
  • Unable to manage work alongside studies. 

In a nutshell, the abovementioned factors make essay writing challenging for students of all educational levels. Typically, undergraduate masters and PhD students tend to take assistance from them.  

The Impact Of Essay Writing Services On Academic Performance

The impact of essay writing services on academic performance is a complicated and contentious issue. There are some arguments for and against their use. 

Supporters of essay writing services assert that these online service providers can be a helpful resource for students that struggle with cultural differences and have language barriers. The students working part-time or having full-time jobs along with studies and needing help managing both simultaneously, Essay or Dissertation writing services are no less than a blessing for them and let them receive advice and support to improve their educational performance. 

On the other hand, opponents of these services assert that they sabotage academic integrity, which is unlikely true. When getting help from any service provider, it is up to the individual to act morally right, responsibly and ethically. 

Students who use online essay and dissertation writing services ethically have received great guidance, which has helped them achieve their career goals by scoring phenomenal grades. 

Therefore, the intention of the students is what matters the most. Furthermore, the impact of essay writing services on academic performance depends on the use frequency. 

Factors That Contribute To The Use Of Essay Writing Services

As mentioned earlier, multiple factors add to the use of essay-writing services. Some of them are discussed below. 

Tight Deadlines 

Having deadlines and a tight schedule makes it necessary for students at the undergraduate and masters level to take help from Dissertation writing services that support them in saving time by providing quality content by meeting deadlines. 

Peer Pressure 

At times, students at a higher level of studies have so much peer pressure to perform well and score good grades that they seek help from a dissertation and essay writing services to achieve their goals and stand out in their academic careers. 

Overcoming Barriers

Students that are differently abled or come from other parts of the world need assistance in overcoming the issues of language barriers, learning disabilities, or lack of writing skills. Such students take assistance to improve their grades. 

Workload Management

Full-time jobs and managing businesses with studies is a challenging task. Many students may feel swamped. Essay writing services offer to manage this workload and prioritise academic responsibilities. Such service providers share the burden of the students by writing essays, coursework, essays, report and other assignments efficiently. 


Another factor that adds to the use of online essay writing services is that they are convenient and reliable. They are easy to use, and students can place their orders quickly. Knowledgeable, professional writers will then deliver their projects within the decided time, and students can either present them as they are or make changes to them. 

Need To Improve

It has been observed that some students who are great at studies and public speaking need assistance when it comes down to penning their ideas. They could be exceptionally brilliant in writing skills and need some improvement. Such students happily rely on essay writing services as they make their work easy and help them achieve their academic career goals. 

Fear of Failure

Fear of failure is another element that has increased the use of essay writing services among masters and undergraduate students. Their anxiety about good grades and their performance makes using essay writing services crucial.

Ethical Concerns Surrounding Essay Writing Services

There are some serious considerations that concern essay writing services. There are different views on this, but some of the ethical considerations while using disseration or essay writing services are discussed here:

  • The opponents of essay writing service claims that these services undermine academic integrity. A few of them consider this help as cheating and academic misconduct. 
  • Another concern is that the students who take help from essay writing service providers have an unfair advantage over their peers who have yet to use such services. And these services aren’t good in academic environments and may compromise the righteousness and integrity of the examination. 
  • Misusing essay writing services may encourage some students to depend on external sources rather than engage with their educational institution’s academic materials and resources.  
  • According to those who oppose online assistance for students, using essay writing services may deter students from developing the required skills. These services can seriously affect students’ professional and personal development. 
  • The legality of essay writing services is often questioned. Opponents raise issues regarding their use; for instance, does their work come under the category of plagiarism work? Are there any serious consequences of using these services on the academic career of students? Do they result in legal penalties for students?


Even though essay writing services prevail in the academic world and many students rely on them, a few oppose their notion of providing academic assistance to students in need. 

The fact that students may rely on these services excessively can be true. However, the view that the assignments and essays provided by essay-writing services are plagiarised is untrue. There is no doubt about the legality of essay writing services, as no law claims that taking this sort of help from online service providers is unlawful. 

The academic world has changed a lot post-covid as many students now receive guidance from essay writing services. 

The impact of essay writing services on academic performance varies depending on particular cases and aspects. Finally, academic success depends on students’ commitment and dedication to learning. These services can never deter the personal and professional growth of students who have high aims and work hard to achieve those academic goals. 

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