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Aquarian Hollywood celebrities

Surprising Aquarian Traits of Hollywood’s Famous Celebrities

The eleventh astrological star, Aquarius, is from 20 January to 18 February. A water carrier sign typically represents it. This zodiac sign has remarkable traits. Some traits of Aquarian Hollywood celebrities are discussed in this article. 

People with this zodiac sign are generally mature, sensitive, and optimistic. These personality traits may vary from person to person, but a general perception about Aquarians is that they are open-minded and creative. 

Common Traits Of Aquarians 

The most common perception about people with an Aquarius horoscope is that these people are highly creative, unpredictable, and intelligent.  Such people are great at keeping secrets. Another imperative feature is that it is hard for them to let their guard down. They are primarily introverts and loves to experiment with their life. 

Moreover, a habit that may be considered a flaw is that Aqauarians tend to overthink. They would spend hours thinking and predicting future events instead of being present in the present times. At times, they have their perception of life. 

Sturgistech states that people with an Aquarian zodiac sign are generally grumpy. They won’t usually be grouchy, but they cannot hold their anger for long if they are upset at something. They might burst, and their anger may disappoint people as they do not forget the mistakes and disloyalty of their circle. 

List Of Aquarian Hollywood Celebrities

According to an article by sturgistech, there is a list of Hollywood actors and actresses inclined toward their zodiac sign. The following is a list of Hollywood celebrities born between mid-January and mid-February:

  1. Harry Styles 
  2. Micheal Jordan 
  3. Ellen DeGeneres
  4. Jennifer Aniston
  5. Elizbeth Olsin 

Unique Facts About Aquarian Actors

  1. Harry Styles

An English singer and songwriter, 29, started his career in a music competition and joined the famous One Direction band. Soon he left the band and began his solo career. 

Since he is an Aquarian, he wanted to explore opportunities and life. He left One Direction and launched his golf company. His curiosity and creativity made him win the Grammy Album of the year award. 

  1. Michael Jordan

A former basketball player born on 17 Feb is generally known by his initials, MJ. He is a legendary sportsman. His drive to accomplish more has made him a four-time gold medalist in United States history.

He retired at the age of 32. Being an Aquarian, he stays motivated and is now the chairman of the Charlotte Hornets of the NBA. Furthermore, Aquarians try to keep their relationship status private. Michael Jordan is now married to a former model and living a private life.

  1. Elle DeGeneres

Who doesn’t know Elle DeGeneres? She is a Television host, comedian, and    producer. 65 yeast old, Aquarian comedian has been hosting a show called ‘ The Ellen DeGeneres Show ‘ for a decade now. 

As her horoscope depicts, she is a jolly fellow who loves making people laugh. She has lent her voice to Hollywood movies. For instance, Dr Dolittle and Finding Nemo. Moreover, she has won multiple Emmy awards as an Aquarian and is very talented. 

  1. Jennifer Aniston

The famous ‘Rachel’ from the sitcom F.R.I.E N.D.S is also an Aquarian. She is a fantastic actress, a travel enthusiast, and a free-spirited soul. She surprised her by making her Instagram account in 2019, and within minutes, she gained multiple million followers soon. 

That’s so Aquarain of her. Putting her issues aside, she is breaking records to this date as she is independent and motivated for her career. Being sensitive, she works with charitable organisations without making it public. She likes not to keep that side of her in the limelight. 

  1. Elizabeth Olsin

She is known for her roles in Marvel Movies, i.e. Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Age of Ultron. She has a positive energy and outlook towards life. Elizabeth Olsin has received the Hollywood Rising Star Award because of her exceptional acting skills.  


All the Aquarian Hollywood celebrities mentioned above are progressive and humanitarian. They are moody but self-reliant. Moreover, they appreciate the warmth and originality of their fellows. Aquarians are stubborn. This attitude often gets them into trouble. They need freedom when in any relationship. Having personal space is a matter of life and death for them. 

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