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Commercial Locks And How They Can Help Your Company

Security is a crucial component of any organization. It would be best to do everything it takes to protect your company. This includes safeguarding your company’s property. There are various ways to accomplish this, but the most basic is to ensure that you have solid industrial locks to keep doors locked and intruders out.

Moore’s Locksmith is a reputable commercial locksmith in Rocky Mount, NC, and we can offer you the locks you require to secure your property adequately. Because each business and property is unique, locks are more appropriate for one sort of business than another. Moore’s Locksmith professionals can assist you in selecting the best safety for your property.

Locks With Knobs

A knob lock is the most popular type of lock. These are commonly found on inside doors in houses and businesses. The safety is located on the knob itself, typically just a simple button knob that rotates and locks the door shut when closed. These locks are simple to apply and can help secure closet or bathroom doors, but they are inappropriate for offices, entranceways, or other areas requiring greater security.

Knocks on the Lever Handle

Lever handle locks, like knob locks, feature an easy-to-use button or lever on the door handle to lock the door into place. Intruders easily smash Likee knob locks and would be best suited for restroom or closet doors rather than restricted areas.


Moore’s Locksmith can install a lock to strengthen the security of any door. Deadbolts can be fitted above or below a knob or handle to give an additional bolt that can lock in place in addition to the existing lock on your door. A key is the only means to open a deadbolt from the outside. Deadbolts are perfect for securing offices, restaurants, and retail establishments from the inside.

Electronic Locks

Keyless entry locks and combination locks are other names for digital locks. These locks can only open by entering a pre-programmed combination when the loc is installed. We can alter this combination for security reasons. Intruders who try to open your door will not know your variety. Thu’s digital locks can give you the security you seek. You can control entry to any room with a smart lock. Front and back door digital locks are popular options. There is no need for a key to open these doors, making entry easier for you while keeping others out. You will likely encounter automatic locks outside office buildings or more prominent retail outlets with several entrances. Moore’s Locksmith may provide locksmith services, including installing digital locks.

Electronic Card Locks

Electronic card locks, like digital locks, use advanced technology to access doors without a key. The electronic card will serve as your key and must be tapped or swiped over the safety to unlock the entrance. These cards will have a strip or chip that will be recognized by the wave, allowing it to open the door. Electronic card locks are typically found in hotels and apartment complexes. Still can also use them outside office buildings and other more extensive commercial facilities to help assure access for staff exclusively because Moore’s Locksmith can perform card key duplication and can use multiple cards to unlock these doors.

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What are the advantages of hiring a professional locksmith?

Locksmiths can rapidly restore entry to your vehicle, house, or business so you can continue your day. Any emergency scenario will be handled quickly by a professional locksmith. They can not only make new keys for houses, offices, and cars, but they can also replace locks in seconds or enter a secure safe.

What is the significance of security locks?

One of the most critical aspects of any security program is the systematic control of locks and keys. Locks provide little deterrence to illegal or unauthorized entrance into a place without effective essential management.

Where does the most money go for locksmiths?

Locksmiths specializing in commercial services can earn far more than those concentrating on residential work. Commercial clients are often willing to pay a higher price for services. Locksmiths with extensive experience can also fetch more excellent wages.

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